Meditations & Podcasts


Meditations: The Sacred Pause

This meditation asks you to practice silent stillness. Honor the power of pausing. And receive its powerful reward. This 9 minute meditation can be practiced at your desk, before bed, when you wake up, or anytime you need the pause.


Meditations: Mindfulness of Breathing

Join me for a 5 minute meditation focused on slowing down and breathing deeply to tune in and reset. A traditional meditation practiced in the forest helping you feel grounded by nature as you observe your breath. Broken into four parts that can be done indoors or out.

Meditations: Meta Meditation

This 10 minute meditation is a lovely way to show support to others through your mindful practice. In this meditation, you will recite words and phrases creating a “limitless loving energy.” Together we will send limitless loving energy to ourselves and extend happiness to others.

Self- Love Meditation

Enter the journey to self-love in this 8-minute meditation with me, Kayla Frank.


Affirmation Meditation

Join me, Kayla Frank, for a mini-mediation focusing on breath-work and affirmations.


Sweat Talks: Podcast

I chat with SweatNet about my journey into fitness and yoga. I share previous health issues which have led a new lifestyle. Give it a listen!